Michele Busiri Vici, 1894-1981
Andrea Busiri Vici, 1903-1989

The Busiri Vici brothers were well-known, skilled Roman architects who reinvented a “Mediterranean” style for elegant beach villas, homes and interiors in central and southern Italy.

The brothers came from a family of architects dating back seven generations to 1700. Their major projects included the Italian pavilion at the 1939 New York World Fair, the atelier of the Fontana sisters in the Piazza di Spagna, homes of the Fabbri family, the Bises family and the Countess Calvi di Bergolo, as well as projects for Riccardo Gualino.

Gio Ponti wrote that Andrea Busiri Vici managed a fusion between classicism and modernity, formality and elegance. This reinvented style of both traditional and modern elements was a major force in the design landscape of Italy in the 20th Century.

The Busiri Vici brothers designed these unique pieces of furniture for a special and unusual project around 1948: the Fabbri family villa in Kenya. Exotic African wood and antelope skin were used so the pieces would fit into the local tropical environment.
The Fabbri family sold the villa and moved the furniture to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The pieces were later returned to Fregene, by the Roman seaside, where they were purchased by Frank Rogin Inc. in 2006.

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